38 thoughts on “Space Mountain Lights On Ride Through – Walt Disney World

  1. Andre Schulz says:

    The Most important fact:
    Its NOT „space Mountain" anymore they turned it into a star wars Roller coaster wich is indeed as cool as it was when it was called "space Mountain". Last one I was allowed to Ride as a child. Now with 34 yo i Hope to Ride the Remake as Well and as soon i can.

    But to be honest, of course it Looks pretty lame in full light. But there you realize what an important Sense your eyes are. Feels 3 to 10 Times faster in the dark

  2. MarkD42 says:

    two things that I remember from Space Mountain as a kid:
    1. It was so dark, you couldn't see your own hands in front of you.
    2. My Father losing his glasses on the ride never to be seen again because…. It was dark as s**t!

    Shut the lights back off! It will do it some justice because with the lights on, it looks like a kiddy ride.

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