Seoul, South Korea // Travel vlog & Guide


Hi guys I’m back from my Asia trip!!
I’m going to upload my journey on Youtube and the first city I visited was Seoul, South Korea!

In this video you will see the places I saw and the things you can do and visit in Seoul, as well as some tips how to get around Seoul’s metro system and some of the traditional Korean meals I ate!
Which I hope you will find helpful if you’re planning to go to Seoul one day!
I loved Seoul so much and I hope you enjoy my journey with me!
If you have any questions feel free to comment down below!

• Watch my Busan (South Korea) travel vlog video:

• Watch my full journey of my 1 month solo traveling to South Korea, Japan and Taiwan:

• Where to find me:
Instragram: https://www.instagram.com/sandra__ruberto
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SandraRuberto
Website: http://www.sandraruberto.ch

• Equipment used :
To film:
Canon power shot G7X Mark II
Iphone 6
To edit:
Adobe premiere pro cc 2018

• Music

Ikson – Blossom

SHW – Miyako Japan 3

Ikson – Motion



16 thoughts on “Seoul, South Korea // Travel vlog & Guide

  1. Kimberly Crick Art says:

    The food throughout the whole trip looked amazing! I wasn't sure how I'd feel about South Korea at the start of the video. I love nature more than city places. The cherry blossoms at 7:38 were so pretty though, and I hope you gave all the cute kitties in that cat cafe at 5:09 a good petting 🙂 I may just have to agree that the 2d cafe at 8:08 might be the coolest cafe ever – I love that idea for decorating. I'd love to see a whole house done in that style lol.

  2. travelwithjandr says:

    This was put together beautifully, really enjoyed watching it. There must be so much to see and do in Seoul!
    We have subbed to your channel, keep in touch! We upload vlogs of our travels around New Zealand, check them out 👍❤️

  3. Jasmine Todd says:

    Such a beautiful video I've loved following your journey through Instagram but it's wonderful to see the footage in more detail! I hope you've had a wonderful time 🙂 I'm looking forward to hearing some stories and seeing where this inspiration takes your art!

    The traditional korean houses were really interesting, I loved all the patterns they used, were they brick or tile? It's so nice to see some colour and ornamentation in architecture that isn't the same old western styles! ;D When I saw the Victorian looking conservatory I thought, I bet this was your version of heaven but then I saw the cat cafe! haha ah it looks amazing but I'm really glad your back! Have you been sketching during your travels?

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