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A relaxed Hotel above a shopping square with a rooftop pool. That’s how one reviewer put it. It’s nice, the Manager is Balinese and actually came to my room when I had a small issue, they have two attached restaurants, room service, a couple of apartments and you can’t complain about the location.. right in the heart of Seminyak action on Jalan Kayu Aya eat street. Restaurants abound, shopping is sound (next door to seminyak village) and nightclubs are the best on the Island within the area. Check it out. #bali

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18 thoughts on “SEMINYAK SQUARE HOTEL, BALI 2019

  1. Casey Stoner says:

    Wazzas Wonderful Worldly Wisdom. Cheers Waz, I for one really appreciate your reviews, and will be staying at the majority of your suggestions soon. Soooooo much appreciated (a pre she ate it) wazzzzzzza

  2. ray holmes says:

    Rooms look a lot better than discovery kartika where I stayed. Very old bath with shower in it that you can easy slip getting out of.. Had to change rooms due to the noise of the Indians yet again.. I am going to stay somewhere small like this next time if there is a next time..

  3. funkysouldancer1 says:

    How long are you in Bali for Waz?..My friend and i will be there on September 1st..If you are still there, you are welcome to come have a drink with us/or dinner..We are staying at Legian Village Hotel..( just up the end of Garlic Lane) road from Will be having dinner there on the 2nd Sept then going up to Ubud for a few days…We will be the two stunning blonde and brunettes at the bar..lol..

  4. Cotswolds Retreat says:

    Nice video Waz and gives anyone looking at the hotel plenty to see in helping them to decide whether to book.

    When did you go for your most recent trip Waz as it seems you got good weather for all your recent videos? We've been considering next March or April as it is just after the (usually) rainy season but we like it to be hot and sunny like it is in June.

  5. Rosie Poser says:

    Hey W, a couple of grey nomads I know are interested in going to Bali (first time) in their 70’s but really active and have asked ME for advice (!) Do you have any recommendations from what you have seen and know of areas that would suit away from the young crowd but still enough buzz to enjoy? 🌴

  6. john king says:

    Great vlogging with that signature Wazza touch! Just caught up enjoying the last 3 installments. I've been watching the ones from a year back…Hard Daze Night…280,000 views…Wow! And it reminds me of how quickly things can change in such a short time. Love the tune but the kit seems to be a wee bit empty in places. I love the occasional well placed fill… sort of like those tasty ones you would toss in. ''Waterslide''…Used to love 'crazy' but my A-game is long gone and I don't even want to think of how far down that old alphabet I've slid. πŸ₯΄ jtk

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