Must Do Disney with Stacey – January 2019 | Walt Disney World Resort TV


This is the current version of Must Do Disney with host Stacey Aswad that plays in Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Rooms to introduce guests to all of the amazing options at the Walt Disney World Resort! This is a direct capture of this TV Loop for trip planning and educational purposes only! Enjoy!

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30 thoughts on “Must Do Disney with Stacey – January 2019 | Walt Disney World Resort TV

  1. Athrough Z says:

    The 18 who gave this thumbs down have never been. When I told my wife, I'd never went to Disney World when I was a kid, she literally wanted to cry. The first time I went to Disney World, it was 11 months into our marriage. I was 27. I fell in love with all things Disney. 11 more days til we get to return, and I'm so excited I'm about to go bonkers! Btw weve been married for 11 years. The family that Disneys together stays together!

  2. Pooh Bear says:

    I watch this every time I go to my hotel room at Disney World, from way back in 2012. It's a great show to watch, especially before you go to bed or when you wake up to go to one of the parks. It just feels like Disney!

  3. BUBBLE_ TEA says:

    I love watching Stacy, but I always seem to get sad when the Hollywood Studio intro starts because everything she describes about the park aren’t very true anymore. Most of the Hollywood aspects are beginning to disappear

  4. StarLit Meghan says:

    They should make a new one. With pandora, the Minnie van, and toy story land, and the quick service thingy

    And add hotels to stay at if you’re watching it before you go. Or add more to Disney springs (rest in peace downtown Disney) and get rid of the stuff that they got rid of irl if this had it. Like that Dino ride. I think it’s down for sometime. And change the magic band, and phones. Like who owns a iPhone 3 now?

    Also make it a new person, cause Stacey kinda annoys me. Maybe a better actress or actor. Cause stacey’s screams on rollercoasters seems fake

  5. Nekotorious says:

    I like the Minnie van concept, but does it have to be through lyft? Why not Uber?
    I've seen the negative reviews saying that the lyft company could take your money sneakily without your permission or notice. Someone help me and explain it.

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