Magic Kingdom Construction & Tron Updates – June 2019 – Walt Disney World


Today, I’m taking you to the Magic Kingdom to show you all of the Construction Updates and Tron Construction Updates for June 2019 at Walt Disney World! The Tron Lightcycles: Power Run Attraction is really coming along, and quite a bit of the track has been installed. Also, the walkway next to Cinderella Castle is coming along nicely as well! Leave a comment and let me know if you’re excited about Tron coming to the Magic Kingdom, or let me know what you think about any of the questions I asked in the video! Enjoy!!

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37 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Construction & Tron Updates – June 2019 – Walt Disney World

  1. Bridget Clement says:

    We walked from Front Lot under Bridge from Handicapped parking. It was Hard on my Mom but my Son enjoyed ride in his stroller. We had drove to Grand Floridian for Breakfast and wasn't sure we could leave our Car all day!!

  2. Michael Caffrey says:

    They have been swapping out steam locomotives. They have been trucking them up to the strasburg railroad in Pennsylvania for refurbishment, while the RR is down. I believe the Roy just returned from there, while the Lily just arrived in Strasburg on Last Monday. It's hard to tell which ones they ship out as the cover there name plate with cardboard. Lol

  3. Michele says:

    Thanks for the update! What is the opening date of Tron?
    I have always loved the people mover….was a nice rest break from the park hustle. It's never had a line though, that I can remember (last I rode it was late November 2015).

  4. Larry Beeman says:

    Awesome video! Really looking forward to the much needed update to Tomorrow Land, I really hope they update the raceway to a Tron theme, otherwise it really doesn't have a place in Tomorrow land.

  5. Carrol Clark says:

    Everytime I see the magic Kingdom, the castle and main Street, I get so happy, an overwhelming joy, even when it's only on my TV ! Thank you fur this extremely detailed and informative update video Josh. Never ceases to amaze me how much you do for others, it's a pleasure to listen to you talk about our happy place.
    Knowing Disney, they will want to keep things even, so I imagine they will also widen the other walkway at the other side of the castle and given the amount of development, they may be looking to increase the ease of traffic flow, as it were, in other parks too.
    Boy does that Tron track look impressive! I am so excited for this and seeing this update makes it all the more real and chances are it will open on it's scheduled time.
    Thank you so much for sharing this Josh. So grateful!

  6. Sherry Jefcoat says:

    Love the update. I always love your commentary with it. I always learn something or you point out something I have never noticed. I do love the people mover. Always have. Can you still circle more than once or not anymore now that it has longer waits? Thanks again Josh!

  7. Debbie V. says:

    I'm getting hooked on these updates. This will be my longest gap between visits (2018-2021) so I really appreciate seeing it as it happens. I like the new Tomorrowland colors and I think this area is more appreciated in at least a small way because of you guys. I wonder if the new color scheme in any way is in prep for the 2021 50th MK anniversary?

  8. ntexas100 says:

    Great info Josh. Why would anyone look anywhere else on YouTube for information? Resort TV1 has it all. Rides, information, and reviews. This video does remind me of one thing. Don't go to Disney World in June. haha Funny thing. I read somewhere the crowds this Summer (this year) are lower. Doesn't look like it to me. 🙂

  9. Heather Weber says:

    Thanks for the updates Josh! Unfortunately people with wheelchairs always have to go that far at the TTC as the tram is not accessible. It is a good way to push someone in the heat to start your day. You make a great point in saying if possible take bus or monorail from hotel if staying on property. Another tip for wheelchair users at the TTC, is the monorail ramp is very steep. Much easier to push some one to the ferry dock.

  10. Leticia James says:

    I love this video.  Between the beautiful day and the amazing video quality, I felt like I was actually there!  The ride on the monorail brought back experiences of personally riding to the Contemporary and to MK.  Thanks again for all the work you put into these videos and sharing them with everyone!

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