Long Distance Relationship Reunion // Lesbian Couple

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Another 10 days together: Our unofficial guide to Berlin and Copenhagen. We went partying in Berghain, got caught in some crazy windstorm and then flew to Copenhagen for a more relaxing week spent together in Lilian’s new hometown. Alexis tells you a few facts about the places and Lilian won’t stop eating. This was a surprise trip for Alexis’s birthday, which we celebrated together in Berlin.
We had a blast and are looking forward to our next reunion in June! Please comment, like and subscribe for more 🙂


18 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationship Reunion // Lesbian Couple

  1. Jennifer Simonian says:

    u know I just recently found ur videos a few days ago, and now have been watching nothing but all ur videos, its interesting to me the numbers of views on some of them and then on others the numbers will be xtreme high but the likes wont be nearly as many as it should, and that upsets me, because I know the people r watching and enjoying it but just 2damn lazy to push a button n show their appreciation, and then for those that give a dislike, well what fuckin haters. both of u are adorable and gorgeous. alexis is so beautiful and funny and lilian extremely well spoken and str8 up sexy! not sure what app u guys used, but it must have been a bunk one cause ur children would be very good looking

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