Exploring North Bali || Handara Gate || Ulun Danu || Wanagiri || Bali Day #10 (Part 01)

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👉 It’s our 10th Day (Part 01) of the Travel Series named “Petuk Couple in Bali.” We will be uploading one video every week InShaAllah on this series.

We’ve rented a car with 950k that’s approx 5700 BDT or $67 for two days in Ubud. The capacity was seven-person. We asked the driver to show us some must-visit places in Ubud, and he roamed us around.

Here’s the WhatsApp number of the driver in case you need: +62 812 38485213. His name is Agung Sudarsana, and he’s a nice guy. If you book him for a day tour, let him know about us, and he will know.

On this day, we roamed around North Bali/Ubud. The beauty was magnificent. It was high above the hills, and the weather was cloudy that day (which we enjoyed).

Our first stoppage was Wanagiri (Menara Bambu Hitam). There was a lake named Lake Buyan (Danau Buyan). The lake was 1300m above from the sea level (according to our tour guide) where we felt the clouds. We stopped in a place where we had to pay 40k rupiah (Approx 240 BDT or $2.85) per person to take pictures and enjoy the view. But if you want, you can stop by the roadside and enjoy the view itself (Most Probably). But it was worth it. After all, who cares about spending a few dollars here and there while on tour, right?
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/hdWEHg4BusDi5C8N9

Our second stoppage was Handara Golf & Resort Gate. To be honest, if you don’t want to take a picture, you don’t need to stop there. But if you really want, then it will cost you 30k rupiah (Approx 180 BDT or $2.14) per person. I didn’t like the fact that we had to wait in a serial to take just a few pictures.
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/xLZ7ZTeqME6qEra2A

Our final stoppage was Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. It’s mainly a water temple which is located on the shores of Lake Bratan. It was cloudy weather, and the clouds were right above the lake, composing the overall scene outstanding. Although we couldn’t roam much on that place due to the rainfall, certainly we enjoyed the view while we were having our lunch.
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Wb87Bx4RWu3mfVUK9

I think these are the must place to visit if you’re coming to Bali. We enjoyed every single second on this day tour.

After exploring north Bali, we went to the south to visit Tanah Lot, which we will cover on our upcoming video. Till then subscribe and hit the like button if you enjoyed our videos.

⭐️We stayed at Made Arsa Homestay which is located in Ubud. Homely Environment and a great place to stay if you are traveling as a group.

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39 thoughts on “Exploring North Bali || Handara Gate || Ulun Danu || Wanagiri || Bali Day #10 (Part 01)

  1. Ishika rahman Ahmed says:

    Baiya Apnr video gula just joss ato sundor vabe video ta kora shby pare nah bt apni khub e sundor kore shb gulu view tule dhoren❤️❤️❤️thank you so much ato kosto kore video gulu amdera shbr maje tule dorar jonno❤️😊

  2. Naim Huq says:

    Dude that’s why I stuck to car. Whole day car rent was 550,000 and we went to everywhere around ubud. Great idea about the car.
    Also in Nusa Panida car was only 400,000 and I got to see the entire island.
    Good recommendation about car.

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